The Late Show’s Gospel Choir’s New CD

Lady Peachena's World

                                                                      March 13, 2017

Brooklyn, NY. Spring’s coming! And, so is some foot-stomping new music! Lady Peachena & the famed Late Show’s Gospel Choir should reach a multitude of new fans with their new CD, “Jesus Lives in Me,” which was released by Platinum Peachtree Records, (her label) earlier this month with a rocking CD Release Celebration Concert at The Shrine World Music Venue, in Harlem, New York.

Lady Peachena started off this inspirational album paying homage to Gospel’s Queen, Mahalia Jackson, singing three of her biggest hits, “It Is No Secret,” “I Found theAnswer,” & “How I Got Over,” with The Late Show’s Gospel Choir supplying sweet harmonies in the background.

There’s something for everybody on this album; the traditional hymns for the older crowd, and rhythmic upbeat Urban-Gospel songs for the younger fans. Lady Peachena’s powerful voice soars triumphantly as she pours out raw soul over the next…

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